German reality TV crew's gear stolen at Walgreens

Published On: Dec 05 2012 11:49:23 AM EST   Updated On: Dec 06 2012 10:23:29 AM EST

A reality TV film crew from Germany, shooting a show about a former porn-star turned model trying to make it in the US, suffers a dose of reality when their gear and footage are stolen.


A German reality television film crew is dealing with their own painful reality after someone stole $60,000 worth of gear from their rented mini-van.

Miami Beach Police told Local 10 the expensive gear was taken while the mini-van was parked at the Walgreens parking lot at 4049 Pine Tree.

The show's Miami-based producer Monika Boehm-Sandino told Local 10's Christina Vazquez a crew member had stopped for a quick snack when the theft happened.

They decided to call Local 10 to get the word out. While getting the gear back would be a bonus, what they really want returned are the hours of raw footage for the upcoming show.

Benstar Media GmbB from Koln, Germany is in Miami Beach shooting a reality television show about Annina Ucatis.

Beohm-Sandino explained Annina is a former porn-star turned model who is trying to make it in the United States.

The buxom blonde is now exploring the possibility of being a realtor in Miami.



The show's working title is: "Annina Goes Miami" explained Boehm-Sandino. Film permits the crew secured with Miami-Dade County show the production title as: "Annina In Miami."

Ucatis is already a German reality television personality, having appeared in the German edition of "Big Brother."

The theft is disappointing but as the adage goes, "the show must go on," the film crew is now renting new equipment.

The theft happened during the build-up to one of Miami Beach's biggest events: Art Basel.

Miami Beach Police Detective Vivian Hernandez explained how with any large event thieves come along for the ride knowing the bump in visitors brings more opportunity. It is a "target rich environment", explained Hernandez.

If you have any information, call Miami Beach Police.

In addition, the film crew is offering a cash reward to anyone who returns their raw footage. For more information, contact them at