Restaurant diners called 'Fat Girls' on bill

Published On: Dec 10 2012 10:51:26 AM EST   Updated On: Dec 10 2012 12:02:31 PM EST

Diners at a California casino restaurant could not believe their eyes when they received the final bill for their meal.

It wasn't the price that made them look twice, but the words "Fat Girls" that were printed atop the bill.

Christine Duran and two friends ate at Chilly D's restaurant inside the Cameo Casino in Stockton, California. The bartender, Jeff, who had taken their order used the "Fat Girls" phrase as a means of description to use when delivering their food.

Duran's attempt at learning an explanation for the slur was met with puzzlement from the restaurant's manager. Duran says when she spoke with the manager, he “had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but trying not to laugh,” she said.

To try and smooth things, the manager offered the trio a 25 percent discount. When the women refused, the manager upped the deal to 50 percent which was also turned down.

The owner of the casino offered an apology via Facebook and said the treatment the women received was "intolerable in our establishment."